Frequently Asked Questions | S&S Exteriors Maine

Browse our Frequently Asked Questions to see what people have been asking S&S Exteriors Maine. Posting our most frequently asked questions here for you to see will give you a better insight to our business ethos. Answering frequently asked questions offers complete transparency with each of our projects. We do not want you to worry about the quality of the home improvement project you have entrusted us with.

Materials Used in Our Projects:

What types of roofing materials do you offer?

S&S Exteriors Maine offers a wide range of roofing materials, including architectural shingles (asphalt shingles), metal roofing (both exposed fastener and standing seam), and top-quality wooden roofs (mainly cedar and wallaba).

What types of siding materials are available, and what are their benefits?

Use of various siding materials like Vinyl, Hardie plank, cedar, and stone veneer, each with unique benefits to fit your style and budget. One of the benefits of using vinyl is that it is typically less expensive than our other products.

Warranties and Financing Options:

Do you offer any warranties on your roofing installations?

We provide a ten-year workmanship guarantee, which includes any issues related to how the product was installed. For product warranties, please refer to the individual product specifications.

Can you work with my insurance company on a roof or siding damage claim?

Yes, we can work with your insurance company to repair or replace your roof or siding.

Are there financing options available for roofing or siding projects?

Currently we do not offer any special financing options.

Processes of Siding and Roofing Projects:

How do I prepare for the installation day?

Make sure your driveway is clear and there are no outdoor activities or maintenance happening during your scheduled project.

What is the process for replacing a roof or siding?

Roofing and siding processes begin with a team member obtaining measurements and inspecting your roof or siding. We discuss material and design options and provide a quote. Upon acceptance, we send a contract and schedule your project.

Can you replace a roof in winter?

Replacing a roof in winter is difficult but not impossible! The harsh weather in Maine generally increases the time it takes to do the job, making it not always safe to be on the roof.

How long does a roof installation typically take?

Roof installation timing can vary based on the size of the roof, the integrity of the roof deck, and the material being used, however, most roofs are typically 1-2 day projects.

Longevity and Maintenance Questions:

What is the expected lifespan of my new roof or siding?

Lifespan depends on the material, care, and climate. For example, metal roofs, asphalt roofs, wooden roofs, vinyl siding, and wooden siding each have different life expectancies.

How do I maintain my siding to ensure its longevity?

The best way to maintain your siding is to keep it clean and clear of debris. Debris can trap moisture, leading to the degradation of your siding material.